Compassionate, comfortable senior care facility

Thrive Family Care

Thrive Family Care provides personalized, loving, 24-hour elder care for residents in a family-like setting in peaceful Ojai, California. 


We connect with residents and their families in a way that contributes to their health and well-being; and believe in the power of connected residents, staff and families to thrive as members of the greater Ojai community.

Personalized senior living in Ojai

Customized meals, single and shared rooms, and 24-hour staffing for the care and comfort of our residents

Attentive caregivers, connected senior care

Our goal is for residents to feel connected to their families, to their caregivers, and to the community – both in and around the home

Family-style assisted living for seniors

We support our residents’ interests by providing a range of activities and engaged, attentive caregivers